Volodymyr Goncharenko leads the line of his creative evolution from becoming interested in painting in his childhood. At each stage he seemed to reopen the world, being aware of what he wouldn't notice earlier. The artist does not conceal any emotions or thoughts from his audience. Irrepressible ideas, prophetic dreams and imagination intriguing myths intertwined in his work in search of the answer - what are the true feelings, the true delight; whether the others feel them and who are the individuals who feel this way? His art also arises an irreversibility of the perception moment and a history turnover, its heroes and anti- heroes appearing in different visions not only in legends, but in a reality of a specific culture. A single detail of transformations and metamorphosis that accompanies travelling through fantastic worlds of figural and non-figural measurements wouldn't hide away from an artist's eye. Variability and permanence act as elements that are in ongoing contest, through which the life is possible. Vladimir Goncharenko doesn't stop an experiment, the art for him is an opportunity to make new discoveries of boundless horizons of his imagination that inspire to live, looking at the nature of ideas and events.

E-mail: tarasowicz@gmail.com

Mob. Phone +48 50 536 92 56; +38 050 726 05 80

by Christophe Brisbois